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On a normal air travel day there can be 2,000 delays and up to 100 cancellations, but yesterday alone, airports across the nation faced nearly 3,000 delays delays and nearly 2,000 cancellations. After landing in snowy Michigan, one Delta plane flying from Buffalo to Detroit left the pavement as it turned from the runway to the taxiway. Today ชุดนอนน่ารัก ขายส่ง is shaping up to be a bit better, with 287 flights cancelled and over 1,600 flights delayed. But for those flying through Chicago O'Hare, Detroit, the New York Airports, Boston or Minnesota, factor in some extra travel time or consider making other plans. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not issued any ground stops, but that could change throughout the day. Multiple airports, including Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, LaGuardia and Minneapolis are also reporting aircraft are being sprayed with de-icing fluid to remove snow and ice, according to FAA reports. Additionally, the FAA is utilizing a technology called Data Comm, which allows the air traffic controllers to reroute planes around bad weather by relying on text-based communication, rather than voice. Some ชุดคอสเพลย์ ราคาถูก airlines have even issued travel waivers for those flying through the Midwest, including Delta Air Lines . By Road Heading out on the road again? Authorities are warning drivers to slow down and budget in extra time. Experts say snow drifts can cause spin outs and slides, so consider taking alternate routes in areas where there is or has been snow.