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FILE PHOTO: Britain's Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis walks down Downing Street in London, Britain, July 4, 2018. REUTERS/Simon Dawson The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on March 29 but little is clear. There is so far no full exit agreement and some rebels in May’s Conservative Party have threatened to vote down a deal if she clinches one. Davis told Huffington Post there was a “rock-solid” core of party lawmakers who belonged to the European Research http://vaccarellojoachim92.wordpress.com Group (ERG), a grouping which wants a sharper break with the EU and were willing to vote down her plans. The three largest opposition parties, Labour, the Scottish National https://sakurakott.wordpress.com Party and Liberal Democrats, have all publicly said they will oppose the prime minister’s plans. If 40 of May’s 315 lawmakers and the opposition parties voted against a Brexit deal based on her proposals, she would fall short of the number needed to pass the legislation. This would increase the likelihood that Britain would face leaving the EU without an agreement and of a general election or even a second referendum. “Every group in any political party has differences, egos and so on,” Davis said. “But with Labour voting against, the critical size of the voting bloc is quite small, it’s basically a dozen people. The rock-solid core of the ERG is a multiple of that. I’m not even an ERG member.