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Interview With Legendary Technical Analyst Arch Crawford: Astrology And The Stock Market

I show it -- they buy it! Navin: If Warren Buffett called you today and asked for your opinion on the stock market, what would you tell him? Crawford: Markets are long-term overbought. Hold more cash than usual. That's his opinion, too, by the way. He is holding more cash than usual.  Navin: A non-financial friend of mine who follows planetary charts calls this “eclipse season.” What is she talking about? In your work, how do eclipses affect markets? Crawford: Eclipses are the most powerful single sky events and can have effects from one year before to one year after. They are most often big movement days up or down and important change dates, plus or minus 3 days or so. They can sometimes move various markets when principal planets aspect the eclipse points anytime during a 2-year period.

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