Some Useful Tips On Uncomplicated Nightwear Tactics

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We generated free cash flow of a nearly $200 million. From an inventory perspective we ended the year down 13%, reflecting timing factors and tight inventory management in response to changing market dynamics. Excluding impact of timing, inventory was roughly in line with our revenue performance. Capital expenditures were $49 million. In addition, our NOL at year-end amounted to $585 million. And now I will turn it back to Craig for concluding comments. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Craig Leavitt, Kate Spade & Company - CEO [4] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, George. As we stated earlier our Board of Directors and the management team are conducting a process to review strategic alternatives to further enhance shareholder value and will act in the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders. In closing, our solid fourth-quarter and fiscal year performance demonstrate the strength of our brand and multichannel strategy.

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