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1888 | French bathing costumes. | (Hulton Archive/Getty Images) 1878 | (Amoret Tanner / Alamy Stock Photo) In the 19th century, modesty was the driving trend in female fashion. Clothing was meant to cover the threatening curves of the female form: Necklines were high, hips were hidden, and faces were shaded with wide-brimmed hats and bonnets. So when beaches became popular destinations for middle- and upper-class families, women were expected to adhere to the cumbersome streetwear styles of the time. The results were a little awkward, if not outright dangerous. Women refashioned old, long frocks for their beach excursions, sewing weights into the hems of their skirts so they wouldn't float up as they entered the water. Fabrics were often woolen, which meant they were heavy and, of course, clingy when wet. 1800s | Artwork, by William Heath, of women swimming at Brighton, England. | (Hulton Archive/Getty Images) But even full-body attire could still offend onlookers, so women were carefully protected from the male gaze during their seaside visits.

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