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Moreover, he says, if Sinn Fein wants a language act, equal marriage, or any other measure, it should agree to re-establish the assembly, and online shopping sites list then use it as a forum to press its demands. But Mairtin O Muilleoir is not in a mood to go back without guarantees. A Sinn Fein member of the legislative assembly, he dismisses its previous incarnation as being "founded on arrogance and disrespect". The late Martin McGuiness, then Deputy First Minister, was right to bring the assembly down, Mr O Muilleoir says. And he insists that same-sex marriage and enhanced Irish language status are fundamental to Sinn Fein's politics, adding: "Republicanism was founded on the basis of equality for all." Image caption Northern Ireland has been without devolved government for a year It is exactly the kind of political-historic discussion that leaves Dr John Woods looking weary. Dr Woods chairs the British Medical Association in Northern Ireland, where four of the five health trusts are among the 10 worst emergency department performers in the UK . Yet plans for local NHS provision are now gathering dust, with no assembly to implement them. "We very definitely want the assembly up and running… to take the necessary decisions," Dr Woods says. "In the absence of that, we will simply carry on with a system that is failing." This week sees a new Northern Ireland secretary appointed.


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